Baroness Angelina
de Beaumont

Costuming and Needlework

Elevated Sept. 24, l983
By Jason and Natalya
King and Queen of Caid

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  Interests: Venetian Renaissance and
Elizabethan costuming, needlework

Co-founder of the Right Noble Company of Clothiers:

Other Awards: Towers 05/16/80 Leo & Rowena (Dreiburgen)
Award of Arms 05/30/81 Adrian & Acelyn Schirleah (Caid)
Harp Argent 11/21/81 Adrian & Acelyn Schirleah (costuming) (Caid)
Signum Reg. 11/21/81 Acelyn Schirleah (Caid)
Dolphin 01/16/82 Gregory & Arianyn (Caid)
Signum Reg. 05/28/83 Ealasaid (Caid)
Laurel 09/24/83 Jason & Natalya (Caid)
Signum Reg. 11/17/84 Troy (Caid)
Legion of Courtesy 03/24/85 Leonora (Caid)
Lion's Paw 07/13/85 Conrad & Megwyn (Lyondemere)
Signum Reg. 11/16/85 Isabel (Caid)
Signum Reg. 11/17/90 Lyn (Caid)
Signum Reg. 11/16/91 Adriana (Caid)
Queen's Personal Recognition 11/02/96 Albra (Caid)
Court Baroness 01/06/01 Ivan & Ciar Lasse (Caid)
Queen's Cypher 01/05/02 Ginevra (West)
Signum Regni 05/31/03 Gerhart & Una (Caid)

photo©Jan Ward

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