Graf Gerhart von Altenberg

Period Pewtering and Costuming

Elevated Nov. 11, 2006
by Svan and Kolfinna,
King and Queen of Caid


Other Awards:
05/31/03 Count {Graf}
04/18/92 KSCA [Middle] {Ritter}
0719/03 Lux Caidis (period pewter work)
10/13/90 Doe's Grace [Middle]
03/31/90 Willow [Middle] (?)
07/24/04 Dolphin
03/26/88 Award of Arms [Middle]
020202 Legion of Courtesy
11/15/03 Sigilum Regis {Alaric II}
10/02/93 Royal Vanguard [Middle]
07/24/04 Lion's Paw [Lyondemere]



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