Maestro Giacomo Cavalli da Treviso

Period Combat Research

Elevated June 3, 2006
by Dirk V and Chamayn II,
King and Queen of Caid

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      Other interests (sca-related):
Period combat - any form
Instructional theorem
Memory systems
Calligraphy & illumination (making & using inks, pigments, etc.).

Other awards:
Defender of the White Scarf
Lux Caidis
Corde de Guerre
Legion of Courtesy
Light of Atenveldt
Queens Grace
Eye of the Eagle
Mountain Lily of Ered Sul
Award of Arms

Queen's Champion, Rapier
Kingdom Youth Champion, Rapier
Calafia Baronial Champion, Rapier
Gyldenholt Baronial Champion, Rapier



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