Inactive Laurels

These Companions of the Order, for whatever reason, are not at present taking an active role in the Order of the Laurel in Caid


Alinor Bellissima Montgomery Music and Costuming 6/3/89 Guy & Darla Angels
Angela of Rosebury Calligraphy and Illumination/ Costuming 1/14/89 Guy and Darla  
Annora verch Llwyd Bryneirian        
Atanielle Unesse Callig/Illum 11/17/84 Guy & Troy Calafia?
Axel Stureovitch Historical Rapier, Tailoring, Court Cermonials 8/30/97 Sven and Signe, of An Tir Starkhafn
Baldwin of Erebor Bardic Arts 11/4/78   Darach
Catarina della Zimarra Costuming/Culinary 6/1/91 Ivan & Aislynn Lyondemere
Catheryn Cameron Stewart Morgan Costuming, Calligraphy/Illumination 01/02/82 Aelfwine & Arastorm (East)
Corisander Seathwaite Costuming 2/25/95 Calontir  
David Fletcher Stanwood Illumination 6/6/92    
Diane de Lyon Research and Culinary Arts 11/17/90 Patrick & Lyn Angels
Janay d'Aquitaine Costuming 1/ /75 Douglas & Lorna Angels?
John ap Gwyndaf of Holdingford Jewelry, Costuming 11/16/02 Guillaume & Felinah
Kristin Alfhildr of Trondheim
Adrian & Acelyn

Luther Anselm Armor Making 4/8/95 Ivan & Aislynn Dreiburgen
Mela de Prion Costuming 6/1/85 Jason & Isabel Gyldenholt
Tryggvi Halftrollson Woodwork      
Troy of Nodham Whyre Illumination 5/31/86 Glyn & Tressa Altavia
Typhainne d'Alixandre Calligraphy & Illumination,
and Needlework
Sven II and Kolfinna II

Ugo Dracul Armoring 1/6/01 Uther and Osa Angels?
Uilliam an Tarbh Baile na hAbhann Cordwaining (shoemaking) 1/8/00 Edric & Catalina Dreiburgen
Xena Baxter Wynthorpe Culinary Arts and Needlework 11/16/85 Jason & Isabel Lyondemere
Yrjö Kirjawiisas ?? 5/3/75 Paul & Carol(West) Calafia


These Laurels are now residing in foreign realms


Adelbert von Strassburg ?? 3/31/97 Lochac  
Amanda of Cawdor Research &Cooking 3/76 Atlantia (VA)
Ambros Celidonis Metalwork (silver jewelry) 9/25/82 Outlands (NM)  
Angelina Nicollette de Beaumont Costuming and Needlework 9/24/83 Northshield (Barony of Nordskogen)  
Bérengère Marguerite Madeline d'Acre Latin Scholarship 7/23/05 East (Barony of Carolingia)  
Bevin Fraser of Stirling Research (ceremonies) & Poetry 8/2/75 Atlantia
Brian di Caffa Pageantry, Numismatics? 1/15/00 Lochac  
Brion Thornbird ap Rhys Armoring 11/22/86 Ansteorra (Texas)
Cristie ni Cairbre O'Callanain (Changed to Christian Baier) Costumer 11/7/98 Lochac (NZ)  
Conrad von Regensburg Heraldic & scientific research 11/16/85 Atlantia (Wash. DC)  
Constance MacCallum of Hoghton Costuming & Millinery 11/3/84 Atenveldt  
Derian le Breton Moneying and Brewing 5/7/11 Northshield
Duncan Brock of Greyfeather Musical Performance and Composition 6/3/90 Drachenwald  
Genevieve du Vent Argent Cloissonne enameling 8/18/2000 AEthelmearc  
Igraine d'Aubernon (Jewelry) Silversmith 11/18/89 AnTir
Ilaria Veltri degli Ansari Costuming & Embroidery 4/16/88 AnTir
James Andrew MacAllister Illumination & Woodworking 6/6/98 West  
Jehan de la Marche Poetry 1971 AEthelmearc  
Louise of Woodsholme Costume, calligraphy, illumination, enamel 4/22/78 Atlantia
Lyndia of Woodlyn Research 11/17/90 West
Margaret Hepburn of Ardrossan Costume, Research, and Needlework


Ibrahim al-Dimashqi and Ileana Welgy (Outlands)
Meagan Windemere of Oakwood Costuming 1/14/89 An Tir  
Medb Renata Knitting and naalbinding 11/11/06 Northshield  
Melisande de Frayne Culinary Arts & Embroidery
An Tir

Morgan Athenry Calligraphy and Illumination 04/27/91 West  
Neptha of Thebes Non-European Costuming and Dance 10/21/78 West (Oroville, CA)  
Reinhardt Medebruewer Brewing and Cheesemaking 2/21/15

Robynne the Grey Dance, Embroidery 11/14/99 AEthelmearc  
Rosemary Willowood of Ste. Anne Household Arts 6/3/89 An Tir  
Rowena le Sargent Scribal Arts 3/22/96 Lochac  
Sigurd Hardrada Smithing & Metalwork 11/7/98 Lochac  
Thoron Ravenoak

Bardic Composition/
Musical Performance

11/18/89 Northshield  
Thorvald Olafson the Swordmaker Woodworking and Leatherwork 11/15/03 An Tir  
Tofi Kerthjalfadsson Brewing, Scandinavian pre-12th-c. Clothing 2/22/99 AEthelmearc  
Ursula Georges Research and Poetry 5/31/08 Northshield  
Ximena Aubel de Cambria Costuming 8/2/75 An Tir (Portland, OR)  
Zenobia Naphtali Calligraphy & Illumination 4/15/89 AnTir  


Lost, Stolen or Strayed? Laurels we haven't heard from for some time.


Name Specialty Elevated Kingdom Currently
Alisoun Kirkcudbright of Heatherheath Costumer 8/29/93    
Daniel ben Abraham Metalwork 6/6/92 Caid  
Guinevere de Bremble Illumination and Research 6/2/79 Caid  
Jean Paul Monraith Armor Making 8/2/75 Caid  
Jeanne d'Aussay Music 8/23/86 Atenveldt  
Josquin du Bois Vert Armor Making 8/2/75 Caid  
Merin Trefon Shazirr Aela Aereareone Non-European Costume and Dance 5/28/83 Caid  
Orrick of Romney Musical Performance and Research 6/11/83 Meridies  
Perygen Northymbr Music 5/5/79 Middle  


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